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  Each applique design is $6.99.  Make your own set. Buy five designs for $29 in cart button below.

Click on the design name for details and cart button.  Designs are sent in .zip format (.dst, .sew, .pes, .hus, jef) via instant download when payment process is complete.


Cross (6.0"x5.25") NEWRED1.gif (731 bytes)Cross  (6.1" x 5.3") Garden Trowel (2.3"x4.9" Flower Pot (3.3"x4.9")
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Bluebird (4.8"x 5.3") Garden Hat (3.7"x 4.5") Country Cat (4.4"x6.0") NEWRED1.gif (731 bytes)Tomato Pin cushion (3.5"x2.9")
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Grandma Banner (8"x4.7") Nana Banner (8"x4.7)
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Flower (3.8" x 4.9") 1 pc.

Sunflower (3.8" x 3.8") 2 pcs! Star (3.9" x 3.9") 1 pc Heart (3.3" x 2.5") 1 pc
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Rose Stem (4.2" x 2.2") 1 pc Tiger Lilly (4" x 3.9") 1 pc Western Applique (6"x5.8") Pumpkin Table Set, 2 sizes for napkin & placemat (2.5"x3.7" & 4.2"x 5.2") 1 pc.

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Two Hearts (2.7" x 4.1") 2 pcs Blazing Sun (3.9" x 4.0") 1 pc    


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