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Hoop Templates

Available for sale (Introductory sale $9.95 each or 3 for $25.)   

     Hoop frame templates are actual size hoop template graphics you can use with your embroidery software when resizing your designs to fit your hoop. (see Example 1) You can effortlessly combine multiple designs without measuring and remeasuring your combined design (see Example 2) Choose the size hoop template you are going to use and insert your designs/lettering within the parameters of the marked red line which is the stitch area. The cross hair lines helps you to accurately center and position your design.

    In most cases you can create a default template with these generic hoop templates in your embroidery software.  This template can also be inserted before inserting your designs.  This feature is usually found in more expensive embroidery software.  Now you can easily add this feature to your existing embroidery software. Popular hoop sizes and shapes will be available. Format available is JPEG.

More frames sizes being added. Email me for custom size suggestions.

Sample using the 4 1/2" round hoop

Example 1

Sample using the 4 1/2" round hoop combined with lettering

Example 2

Choose sizes available order below:

       Commercial Frames             (stitch area 1.2" less than frame size) Hoop Size Home Embroidery Frames (actual stitch area) Stitch area Size
6" round 1.5"x2" oval pocket


4"x4"   square
6" square


5x7" rectangle


9" square 8"x14" rectangle
12"x17" 12"x17"



Choose Hoop Frame Size  ($9.95 each):


Select 3 hoop frames graphics ($25.)


Choose Hoop Frame Size ($9.95 each):









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