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Embroidery Applique Designs by Embroidery Emporium-- New!!! Lower Prices!!!


Welcome to SimplyApplique.com!


My concept is to offer large simple applique designs that are easy and fun to embroider.  Each applique design is a simple quick design that includes, in most instances, from one to three pieces.   I offer the following formats: DST, JEF, SEW, HUS and PES.  Also, see Applique Tips and Tools page.  New! Instant download

Each applique design is $3.99  ($3.00 discount each design!  Buy five designs for $18.99. Click on the buttons on the left for more designs. Here are a few sample designs:

Banner Letters (3.9" x 3.5")

Boy w/hat I (3.9"x3.5")

Girl Face I (3.9"x3.5")

NEWRED1.gif (731 bytes)Black Girl Face 4.3"x3.0"

Baby Face  (3.9" x 3.2") Girl Face II (3.9"x3.3")

Birthday Cake (4"x 5") Cupcake (5.3" x 3.5") Cupcake II  (4.5"x4.4")

Western Applique (6"x5.8") (see Project page) Baseball Birthday (4.5"x6.7")
NEWRED1.gif (731 bytes)Hand Embroidery Designs Ladybug VI (3.4" x 5.8") Bumble Bee II (3.9" x 4.6")
Lion II (3.9" x 4.5") Police Car (5" x 3.8") Ladybug 7 (3.2" x 3.9")
Train (3.3" x 4.2") Ballet Slippers (5" x 5.5") Ladybug II (3.8" x 3.7")
NEWRED1.gif (731 bytes)Cross  (6.0" x 5.25") NEWRED1.gif (731 bytes)Cross Points  (6.1" x 5.3") NEWRED1.gif (731 bytes)Ice Cream II

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